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Selecting Mortgage Financing Mississauga: Enlist a REALTOR®!


There’s no feeling in the world comparable to walking into your dream home for the first time. It’s an exciting time to buy a home in Canada, and real estate is quite often the biggest investment one can make in their lifetime. You’ll experience highs and lows while hunting down your ideal home, and once that has been completed you’ll be faced with how to finance your purchase. Selecting mortgagefinancing in Mississauga doesn’t have to be a headache. For most people, it starts with a conversation with a professional and reputable REALTOR®with the experience to know what to expect based on the attributes and abilities of the buyer.


The Right Price

For individuals new to real estate, there’s one single aspect that is dangerously overlooked. Mortgage rates are at the center of mortgage financing, and even a minor difference in percentages can mean the difference between an affordable home and exuberant monthly fees. One article suggests that an increase of just one percent in interest rates would result in tens of thousands of Canadians defaulting on their mortgages. It’s important to remember that financial institutions make money from customers through interest rates and may not have your best interests in mind. It’s often a good idea to speak with a REALTOR® about your hopes and goals before setting a price point in your mind. They can help ensure that you’re looking in the right ballpark.


Financial Institutions

Once you’ve got a better idea of your ideal price point, you’ll need to start speaking with financial institutions. There is an abundance of options out there with a shocking range of interest rates based on the lender and your credit score. Financial institutions are very rarely transparent with their advertising in regards to their mortgage rates, so once again, an expert REALTOR®like those with JN Asensio Realty are a very convenient resource. They can tell you approximations of the real interest rates being offered based on information provided from previous customers as well as working relationships developed with bankers in your area.


Experienced REALTOR®

Investing in real estate is a big step. It’s always wise to speak with friends and family who have been through the process, but a consultation with a reliable REALTOR®will yield more current information. A REALTOR®who has been working in your area for a few years will be able to give updated statistics on prices, interest rates, growing areas, and which financial institutes can be depended on in terms of advertised mortgage rates. Be sure to deal with only a REALTOR®with and outstanding track record of customer service that can be proven with a list of references.


Selecting mortgage financing in Mississauga is just one of the many things that the finest REALTORS®in the GTA can help you with. A REALTOR®is a valuable asset that should not be underestimated in your efforts to find the perfect home for the unique needs of you and our family. Contact the finestREALTORS® in the GTA today to learn about the services that can make buying your dream home a reality!